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Another Milestone

Arnold, my little Progress Meter guy, says PATH OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON is now 40% complete–according to my 40,000 word estimate.

Cheers! And a big deep breath. Because now comes the fun part–the dreaded Middle of the Book. Why dreaded? Isn’t this the exciting part where big stuff happens, characters change, and new problems arise? Exactly! And when she gets to this point in the writing, the author better know exactly what the Big Problem is that her main character has to solve. Seems simple enough, but unless all the preparation is complete–the protagonist’s problem has been laid out clearly and each of the supporting characters has a specific role to play to further the plot–the Middle will sag and the plot will fail. Hopefully, I’ve done my job up to now, and the stage is set and ready for Act Two. Myra, Aiden and Baby are about to jump into an exciting and dangerous situation with some new and interesting characters. The action is about to pick up, and I’ll have my hands full trying to keep up with them. Fun times…and full steam ahead!