Little Lost Leprechaun

Written by Paula Blais Gorgas
Illustrated by Chet Taylor
Children’s Picture Book [©2005]
(20 pages color) rated G for ages 2-7

From the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

Patsy wants to be a movie director. She directs everyone in the family, including her dog, Pippin. Now her family St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Pageant is about to begin, but the star is missing! Can Patsy find another leprechaun in time to save the show?

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“Paula Blais Gorgas, the author of two young adult novels, has written a lovely children’s picture book celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you are reading LITTLE LOST LEPRECHAUN to a group of children in a library or school, or just one-on-one in your home, this will be a popular story. Big, colorful, cheerful illustrations reflect the author’s story line and characters wonderfully.” ~ reviewed by Tanya Boudreau for TCM Reviews

“LITTLE LOST LEPRECHAUN is a delightful interpretation of how one group of young people celebrates Irish traditions.” ~ reviewed by Shanna Bartlett Groves

“The stage is set and everyone is ready for the Shamrock Pageant. There is just one small problem: Patsy cannot find the leprechaun. LITTLE LOST LEPRECHAUN is a charming story with a positive message. When Patsy has a problem, she does not give up. With its colorful illustrations and lovable characters, it is sure to be a much loved read aloud or a fun story for the beginning reader.” ~ reviewed by Dee Gentle for CoffeeTime Romance