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My life is a constant source of inspiration for my writing . I read widely, from novels to science to metaphysics to spirituality. Daily Word ( is a big part of my life, and today’s reading expresses well how I feel about imagining:

“With each brush stroke on a canvas, artists create beauty and form. Through their imagination and skill, they capture what they see in the world and in their mind’s eye. The depictions in their art stir the soul.

“My God-given power of imagination opens a world of possibilities to me. By using my imagination, I can turn what seems impossible into the possible. By being resourceful or creative, at work or at home, I can create what I imagine. My imagination allows me to soar beyond appearances, visualize what is possible and bring it into form.

“My enthusiasm expands as I apply my imagination. I use my creative power daily to explore new dimensions of living.”