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Pluggin’ Along

It has been a long, cold winter in Oklahoma, but the daffodils are finally poking through the ground, the trees are budding, and Arnold, my little progress meter guy, tells me I am moving ahead on my Work-In-Progress, PATH OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON, Book 2 in the Guardians of the Blue Planet Trilogy. Myra and Aiden have met up with some of their cronies from Kasan; a couple of new characters have jumped into the action; and Baby is still up to her usual antics. And the Powers That Be on that other planet are more determined than ever to get possession of Earth’s crystal supply. Stay tuned for lots of action in the pages ahead!


Merry Christmas, Readers!

To celebrate the Christmas season, I’m having a contest!The lucky winner will receive a copy of my Christmas favorite, The Perfect Purple Present.To enter the contest, just go to my home page, www.pbgorgas.com, and click on ‘Contact Paula’ and tell my why Jeanne Marie can’t go Christmas shopping with her family.HINT: The answer is in the story description for The Perfect Purple Present!All entries with the correct answer will be put in a drawing to be held on the December 10. The winner will be notified and the book shipped by December 12.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Another Milestone

Arnold, my little Progress Meter guy, says PATH OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON is now 40% complete–according to my 40,000 word estimate.

Cheers! And a big deep breath. Because now comes the fun part–the dreaded Middle of the Book. Why dreaded? Isn’t this the exciting part where big stuff happens, characters change, and new problems arise? Exactly! And when she gets to this point in the writing, the author better know exactly what the Big Problem is that her main character has to solve. Seems simple enough, but unless all the preparation is complete–the protagonist’s problem has been laid out clearly and each of the supporting characters has a specific role to play to further the plot–the Middle will sag and the plot will fail. Hopefully, I’ve done my job up to now, and the stage is set and ready for Act Two. Myra, Aiden and Baby are about to jump into an exciting and dangerous situation with some new and interesting characters. The action is about to pick up, and I’ll have my hands full trying to keep up with them. Fun times…and full steam ahead!


My life is a constant source of inspiration for my writing . I read widely, from novels to science to metaphysics to spirituality. Daily Word (http://www.dailyword.com/) is a big part of my life, and today’s reading expresses well how I feel about imagining:

“With each brush stroke on a canvas, artists create beauty and form. Through their imagination and skill, they capture what they see in the world and in their mind’s eye. The depictions in their art stir the soul.

“My God-given power of imagination opens a world of possibilities to me. By using my imagination, I can turn what seems impossible into the possible. By being resourceful or creative, at work or at home, I can create what I imagine. My imagination allows me to soar beyond appearances, visualize what is possible and bring it into form.

“My enthusiasm expands as I apply my imagination. I use my creative power daily to explore new dimensions of living.”

A Milestone Reached

Arnold, my little Progress Meter guy, just checked in with a total of 10,000 words. I’ve completed 25% of PATH OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON, my Work In Progress!

Of course, I don’t know that I’ve reallly finished one quarter of the book. As many of you know, I don’t write big books. An average young adult novel is 40,000 words though some get as long as 50,000 or even more. SECRET OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON came in at 43,000. But I have a funny feeling about PATH. The story is a bit more involved than SECRET and as it grows and evolves it could very well end up on the long side. Which is fine with me. It will take as long as it takes to tell the story, and this story has already surprised me with a couple of interesting twists.

Check back often to see how many pages Arnold has posted.

There Are Reviews…and then There Are REVIEWS

Unless you are an author trying to sell your latest book, you probably don’t realize the power of a 5-star review at Amazon. More than one is that much better. Bunches of 5-stars start generating buzz among the Powers That Be in the publishing world. Your sales improve. Someone you don’t know starts talking about your book. Maybe lots of someones talk about it. Sales go up again. This is what an author dreams about.

SECRET OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON has two 5-star reviews so far. I’m hoping for lots more, but nothing anyone says will touch me the way these words did last night when I read them for the first time. This is a kid’s review. It’s even marked that way. And it’s from the heart of a true fan. Thank you, LTN. You made my day. And know that I’m working very hard on Book 2, PATH OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON, hoping to live up to your praise and expectations. Here’s a link to LTN’s “Must Read Book Review: http://is.gd/AKids5StarReview

Roller Coaster Days

What a roller coaster ride these past few weeks have been!

SECRET OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON has been published and is now for sale! Check my website, Worlds of Wonder ( http://www.pbgorgas.com ) for details. And speaking of my website –it’s new and beautiful, thanks to my wonderfully talented web mistress J. And now…my brand new blog is live!

All this means I’m deep in the middle of promoting my new book as well as working on Book 2 of The Guardians of the Blue Planet series. This one is called PATH OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON, and you can follow my writing progress right here on my blog. Arnold, my little Progress Meter guy, is busy once again keeping track of each page I write. And they are starting to add up!

I’m hoping to have at least one new post every month, including a new feature in the “About Paula” section. If you like to cook or eat or both, and you like your food healthy, you’ll want to check this out. More coming soon. I’ll also be sharing some of the books I read, including science and metaphysics, as well as the novels of some of my favorite authors. So, stayed tuned, and check out “Paula’s World” often.

And…Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my Irish and quasi-Irish friends!