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Paula Blais Gorgas

Paula is a native Rhode Islander, living in the Green Country of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, a retired Navy commander/pro golfer/vintage car rebuilder. Traveling extensively throughout the United States while raising four sons, she and Chet now enjoy their grown men and their families, including twelve grandchildren.

Before her marriage, Paula earned a BA degree in Spanish and French, then used her linguistic abilities as an intelligence analyst at the National Security Agency. Once she and her new husband started raising a family, however, she looked for a new career and found it in her first love--books. Always an avid reader, she decided to pursue her childhood love of storytelling and read dozens of "how to" books on the art of fiction writing, as well as many of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century English language classic novels. While teaching herself through her reading, she published many short stories, both romance and fantasy. Several of them have been collected in an award-winning anthology, Other Worlds. She also took one college correspondence course in writing. The book she wrote for this Oklahoma University class earned an A, won the Golden Heart Award from the Romance Writers of America, and became her first novel, Court of Honor, published by Windswept House in Mt. Desert, ME.

Meanwhile, Chet retired from the Navy after twenty-five years service, and the family moved to Poteau, a small town in eastern Oklahoma, his home state. He went to work for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, and Paula supplemented his income by taking a job as the children's librarian at the local library. She also continued to write and eventually, in the 1990's, with their four sons grown, Chet decided to pursue his lifelong dream of playing professional golf. He joined the Heartland Senior Players Tour, and with laptop computer in hand, Paula left the library and followed him.

In the next fifteen years, while Chet played golf, Paula wrote what she loved--romance and fantasy stories. Earth Magic, a young adult fantasy novel, won the Oklahoma Writers Federation's Best Juvenile Book Award of 2002. This was followed by two children's picture books and a paranormal romance novel, Dreamtime. Paula's latest project is a young adult fantasy trilogy, Guardians of the Blue Planet. The first book, Secret of the Crystal Dragon, was released by Dragonfly Publishing in the Spring of 2013 and will be followed by Path of the Crystal Dragon and Heart of the Crystal Dragon. After this, who knows? Paula's imagination continues to bubble and churn. So many stories, so little time!

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