cat and flourishes shamrocks and clouds

Top 'O The Morning To Ye, Readers!

Sure, and 'tis that magic time of year again, when Irish eyes are smilin' and all the world seems bright and gay! Time to celebrate with Patsy and her crew as they plan their annual St. Patrick's Day Pageant.

But wait! Their leprechaun has disappeared! Has the luck o' the Irish deserted them? Will they find him in time for curtain call?

Join the fun with Patsy and Liam and Pippin in a classic children's holiday tale. This year, share the joy, laughter and good humor of Irish folks everywhere with your special little leprechauns. LITTLE LOST LEPRECHAUN: Available at Amazon, B&N, and Dragonfly Pubs.



Patsy wants to be a movie director. She directs everyone in the family, including her dog, Pippin. Now her St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Pageant is about to begin, but the star is missing! Can Patsy find another leprechaun in time to save the show?

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